Vattinn’: the first tie that turns into a mask

Ulturale makes the world’s first Safety Tie. Comfortable and elegant, it can be used at any moment to protect your airways in case of need, without sacrificing style.

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Help for everyday situations

Vattinn’ has been designed to replace the normal mask if needed. It’s a unique four-fold tie, whose tail can be turned into a mask; in this way, enclosed in the back part, it can be worn at the same time as the tie without giving up anything in terms of elegance. Vattinn’ is available to the public in three chromatic versions: a micropattern with a burgundy background, a micropattern with a light blue background and a solid navy blue version with the Ulturale rainbow monogram under the knot.

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Safe to wear, easy to clean

All Ulturale ties, once removed from the loom, go through a process called finishing, in which they are treated with steam to give them consistency, softness and elasticity. Among the steps, in the case of Vattinn’, has been added a supplementary antibacterial procedure with silver ions, to guarantee a fabric that is 100% uncontaminated. The tie can be dry cleaned or sanitized with steam jets from a common iron.

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Made in Italy

All products in the catalog and all materials used are 100% Made in Italy.

No shipping costs

Orders destined for Italy have no shipping costs.

Free return

It’s possible to return a tie or to exchange it with one of the same price within 30 days if you’re not satisfied (except for custom-made ties).

The four-fold tie: Neapolitan knowledge

Less common that the 3 or 7-fold ties, but equally elegant, able to confer a sober and balanced style to the wearer. The 4-fold tie is also the result of painstaking workmanship, which only those with the experience of the great Neapolitan masters can guarantee.

discover other available models

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