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Ulturale is the first brand in the world to design and sell a “safety tie”, a tie with a mask incorporated, which in case of need can be used to protect your face without sacrificing elegance

A beautiful and safe tie. High class, but capable of protecting your health when necessary. At first glance, it would appear to be an impossible requirement to satisfy: a tie like this probably isn’t even available on the market. And instead that’s not the case. Thanks to Ulturale, which designed and created a one-of-a-kind product: a “safety tie”, or a tie with a mask incorporated, which if needed can be worn to protect your airways without sacrificing anything in terms of elegance. It’s called Vattinn’, and it’s the big novelty in this year’s Ulturale catalogue. Ulturale, the global leader in haute couture ties, confirms its ability to innovate while remaining faithful to its traditional values, bringing together luxury and craftmanship.

A daily need

As is often the case, it was all the result of a fleeting intuition. Master Vincenzo Ulturale and his collaborators asked themselves what would happen if someone, without a mask, needed to protect their airways with what they were wearing. The answer came almost naturally: «The tie could be the right solution». A good idea: unlike a jacket, the tie is never removed during the workday, and so is particularly suitable for replacing a mask if needed.

Furthermore, the fact you can transform the back part of the tie (the tail) into a mask protects it from potential contagion, keeping it far away from other surfaces. Starting from these ideas, the Ulturale team immediately got down to work, with the aim of coming up with a model that could provide protection in a wide range of situations (because, while it’s true that in the West we only recently discovered the usefulness of the mask, in other parts of the world it is also used in normal circumstances, for example, when you come in contact with a person who has flu symptoms).

Elegant and safe

«First of all we tried to understand which model was most suitable for accommodating a tie – says Vincenzo Ulturale –; in the end we opted for a four-fold, an intermediate model between three and seven-fold, very balanced and slightly bigger. The starting idea was to integrate the mask into the main blade, but then it would have been impossible to wear the tie and mask at the same time: the right solution was to take advantage of the tail, widening the base a little bit and adding elastic bands for the ears so that it could be transformed into a mask». And safety? This is also top-notch: «Manufacturing includes an initial antibacterial process – continues Vincenzo Ulturale – to ensure the fabric is uncontaminated. Indeed, all fabrics, once removed from the loom, must go through a process called finishing, in which they are steam treated to give them consistency, softness, elasticity, what in jargon is called the “hand” of the product. To these steps, in the case of fabric for the new product, was added a supplementary antibacterial process with silver ions».

Vattinn’, the world’s first safety tie

The result is Vattinn’, a one-of-a-kind tie (for which an international patent has already been filed), able to offer a precious contribution to health without sacrificing the high aesthetic quality to which Ulturale has accustomed its public. The first versions are already available in three chromatic variants (a micropattern with burgundy background, a micropattern with a light blue background and solid navy blue with the Ulturale rainbow monogram under the knot) but the company will soon offer its customers the possibility to personalize the color and texture of the tie. Vattinn’ can be purchased in the three single-brand boutiques in Naples, Milan and Rome, in the Varese Depotmen’s concept store and in the new shop in shop inaugurated in Parma on September 25, but naturally it’s also possible to buy it through the dedicated e-commerce area on this site.

«We are the first in the world to have invented a tie that is also a protective device», says (with pride) Vincenzo Ulturale, and it is precisely in virtue of its contribution to collective safety that the brand decided to keep the price for Vattinn’ in line with that of the other products in its catalog, despite a more complex manufacturing process. The tie is also conceived as a perfect opportunity for  corporate gifting, a sector in which the Neapolitan boutique boasts a long and important tradition and is chosen by many large companies.  

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