With Ulturale and Voiello, Christmas is beautiful and good

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In the “Scaramantica” gift box, the Christmas gift conceived by the historic pasta producer, you can also find a tie and a scarf made for the occasion by our master craftsmen. A way to make Christmas a little bit nicer for many people

Not all partnerships are equal. There are those studied “at the table” between distant (not only in a geographical sense) companies, and then there are those that are born in a natural, almost inevitable manner, between groups that share values, history, culture. The collaboration between Ulturale and Voiello, that distinguishes Christmas 2020, fits in this second category. It is not hard to understand why: just say the names of these two historic brands and you breathe Neapolitan style.

Both are heirs of the authentic Neapolitan style, and they pour it into their creations, whether they are exquisitely tailored ties or the tasty varieties of Voiello pasta,  with love and skill. So it is no surprise that the historic pasta producer thought to involve Ulturale when it had to come up with a special Christmas gift for its customers.

The best surprises in life

In a period in which bad luck seems to have raged against Italy and the entire world, Voiello tries to exorcise the fears of this unfortunate year with a gift that, starting with its name, wants to be a “talisman”, an invitation to look to the future with more optimism: the “Scaramantica” (superstition) gift box.  It is a gift box that aims to brighten the Christmas period through the best things in life: good food, conviviality, fun.

And beauty, in fact.  In terms of goodness,  Voiello has few rivals, and it confirms this with a special variety of ridged pasta, ’O Pacchero Fortunato, produced in a limited edition and present in the Scaramantica gift box. The other gifts found in the gift box contribute to conviviality and fun: 13 recipes created by the chef Antonino Cannavacciuolo and printed on some special bingo cards, and a set of four collectible porcelain plates illustrated by the young Campania designer Stefano Marra and inspired by as many numbers from the Smorfia (a book in which dreams are analyzed and converted into numbers to play in the lottery). And once again a number distinguishes the entire operation, but it is a number that does not exist in the Smorfia: 91, engraved in golden letters on the box, the auspicious “signature” that Voiello wanted to put on its gift.

The beauty of Christmas

And beauty? Of course it had to be Ulturale, whose products have been synonymous with “beautiful” for over seventy years, to think about that. For lovers of luxury and elegance, Voiello in fact has conceived a luxury edition of its Scaramantica gift box with the addition, on the inside, of a tie or a scarf (depending if the gift is for “him” or “her”) created exclusively for the occasion by the master craftsmen at Ulturale. Obviously, the theme chosen for these creations also had to be related to superstition, with the revival of two historic patterns decorated with the good luck horn, which have become a must in our catalog. The tie is a three-fold in jacquard silk, while the scarf is in twill silk.

This special edition of the Scaramantica gift box can be purchased on the e-commerce (link) page of our site and in our Rome, Milan and Naples stores; displayed in the shop window, it will make a fine show of itself to the people who stroll on the shopping streets of these cities. It is our way to help bring  cheer to the Christmas of many people, a period in which, even in a particular year like that we are experiencing, families can rediscover the pleasure of the most authentic emotions and also, why not, a pinch of magic.

Greetings to all from Ulturale.

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