We are waiting for you at Pitti Uomo

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On January 8, one of the most important events in men’s fashion gets under way. Let’s take a look at the most important news involving Ulturale

From January 8 to 11, Pitti Uomo, one of the most important events in global fashion, will take place in Florence. Created in 1952 with the name of First Italian High Fashion Show, initially it was dedicated only to women’s fashion: its aim was to replicate Paris fashion shows in Italy. Pitti Uomo, instead, began in 1972 and since then represents a reference point for the presentation of collections of the main groups in the sector.
Ulturale is present at this important event with eight capsule collections for the global market – with a particular attention for Asia, and without neglecting its great classics – created by Vincenzo Ulturale and Francesco Aruta.

We start with Timeless, from which everything began: it’s the tie par excellence, the classic that never goes out of style, the real essence of ties for Ulturale. Tiny motifs, sober patterns and little flowers, the English classics that became Neapolitan classics. Classic also describes the line Regimental, which has never gone out of fashion and today is at the center of renewed interest. Ulturale comes in three varieties: the original version, taken directly from the historical archive of the British regiment, and two versions developed by modifying its colors.

Liberty is the tie for all occasions, suitable for the dandy and for the eccentric who wants to be noticed at a worldly event. It’s a capsule collection in a variety of colors, from the most balanced to versions with strong contrasts, almost tone-on-tone.

Ulturale’s flagship is Big in Japan, which is tailored in particular to the Asian market, where the ties of the historic Neapolitan brand are in demand. This capsule collection responds first of all to the needs of Japanese customers, who seek both aesthetic and technical quality in a product. Larger motifs, sharper but not excessive contrasts, meticulous attention to colors are the fruit of an original fusion between Italian style and Japanese taste.

Vintage is instead Ulturale’s tribute to ties from the 1920s to 1940s, obtained through intense research into digital techniques to replicate as closely as possible the motifs of that period. The fabrics are particularly sought after: they are reminiscent of the English madder silks, a combination of peach skin softness and opaque reflexes that at the time were created with particular techniques.

And then at Pitti Uomo there had to be a line dedicated to wool and cashmere, a sector that is still a niche but not to be neglected. Ulturale mixes classic and modern with large motifs and a line here and there.

Solid is the line dedicated to solid colors. What surprises in this case is the support: silk velvet of a particular quality with enchanting reflexes. Crisp to the touch, it’s a tie that represents the right balance between softness and rigidity.

Denim is the everyday tie for casual settings. A tribute that is never trivial to the pants invented by Jacob Davis at the end of the nineteenth century.  Technically, it is the result of a sophisticated study to create a color and effect that are as close as possible to jeans, with support from the right percentages of silk and cotton.

The collection is completed with Permanenti, the heart of Ulturale’s tie selection, created with fabrics available all year round that are a must in the wardrobe of a real contemporary “gentleman”. The fabrics are also suitable for personalized ties, available in hundreds of versions.