Ulturale out to conquer the America’s Cup

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The Neapolitan company is a sponsor of American Magic, one of the boats that will take part in the 36th edition of the oldest sports competition in the world, slated to take place in New Zealand in 2021

A touch of Neapolitan elegance will illuminate the waters of Auckland, in New Zealand. Indeed, Ulturale will be among the sponsors of American Magic, one of seven teams competing in 2021 in the 36th edition of the legendary America’s Cup.

Its origins, in fact, go back to 1851, thus preceding by 45 years the modern Olympic Games, and its history is inextricably linked to the United States: for over 130 years, boats representing the country of “stars and stripes” succeeded in holding onto the trophy, defending it in competitions held between 1870 and 1980 until in 1983, after 24 editions, success smiled upon Australia II. In this way, the United States scored what until now has been the longest winning streak in sports.

American Magic

The prestige of the New York Yacht Club

The protagonist of this lengthy domination was the New York Yacht Club, the most prestigious American yacht club, founded in 1844. The name of the competition itself is tied to this historic association: indeed, the schooner called America on August 22, 1851 had the upper hand on the British Royal Yacht Squadron, composed of 14 boats, which had challenged the New York club in a regatta organized to celebrate the first World’s Fair, held in London.
The motto for the America’s Cup, “There is no second”, also dates back to that mythical first edition. Indeed, according to a popular anecdote, this is the answer Queen Victoria was given when, learning of the victory of America, she asked who finished second.

American magic

American Magic and tradition

American Magic is the continuation of this glorious United States tradition in the America’s Cup. Set up in October 2017, it is composed of the historic New York Yacht Club, in collaboration with the Bella Mente Racing and Quantum Racing sailing teams.

The team has long been hard at work to get ready for the big 2021 competition and the Challenger Selection Series that precede it. The suggestive images of The Mule, the prototype boat in the AC75 hull class competing in the Auckland competition, which proposes many interesting technical solutions, has caused a sensation among sailing fans and experts.

American magic

The appeal of the America’s Cup

Competing in the 36th edition of the America’s Cup, in addition to American Magic, will be the Italian Luna Rossa, Ineos Team UK, Malta Altus Challenge, the Dutch of DutchSail AC36, the other US team Stars and Stripes, as well as hosts and defending trophy holders: the Emirates Team New Zealand.
The America’s Cup is an unparalleled mix of history, prestige, sporting spirit, prestige, elegance, innovation, research of elegance. To the timeless charm of a nautical competition created in the middle of the nineteenth century and loved over the years by nobles, great entrepreneurs, leading exponents of the star system and by scores of enthusiasts around the world, is united the intriguing challenge between boats designed in a futuristic fashion and led by teams that test their limits with skill and effort.

American magic

The pride of Ulturale

«Ulturale is proud to participate in this event, offering as an endowment its sartorial tradition, the typical Italian taste of its ties, and the seafaring culture of which Naples is a bearer- says the company’s president, Alessandro Rombelli, a big sailing enthusiast –. Playing a role in this high-level global event, our company confirms itself as a global ambassador for good taste and quality».

American magic

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