Ulturale at Pitti Immagine. 2019 Spring/summer 2020 collection: relive the “mythical” ‘80s

Ulturale world

There are numerous influences on the new capsule collections, ranging from floral motifs to classic notes. There’s something for all tastes, but always with an eye on the eighties

Innovation, change, enthusiasm, but also color and energy. We’re back in the magnificent ‘80s, in Milano da bere, the frenetic and fashionable Milan of that period. But you’ll also find a hymn to Naples and the hearts of its people recounted in Luciano De Crescenzo’s film Thus spoke Bellavista, which gives its name to the spring/summer 2020 capsule collections that Ulturale is presenting at Pitti Immagine Uomo, in Florence, from 11 to 14 June.

A decade, that of the ‘80s, which truly marked an era, in which nothing was as before: free time, work, information, design, culture and, obviously, fashion. Years of deep hopes and daydreams inspired by new stories and shapes, of new tools and potential that had been unthinkable just a few years earlier, which Ulturale tried to represent in the patterns, the refined designs and, especially the colors presented at the Florentine event.

Eighties inspirations

«We dedicated this collection to the ‘80s and to the idols of that period in various fields, from the artistic one to design, from companies to sports, always aware of the importance of the tie in those years –explains founder Vincenzo Ulturale –. In terms of colors, sources were the shocking combinations of an international style mixed with monochromatic suggestions that characterized fashion in those years».

Classicism and creativity

There are nine capsules for Ulturale’s next spring/summer collection, each dedicated to distinctive features of the magnificent eighties. To celebrate the classicism of the tie, here’s Windsor, which takes its name from the unique and perfectly balanced knot and inspiration from the ancient tradition of neckwear with geometric micro motifs, a true passe-partout for every type of elegance. Camus dresses the wearer with the colors of cognac: dyed silk with warm amber shades guarantees the printed designs a please soft and vintage effect, a perfect tribute to the gentlemen of the ‘80s. The reference to champions is immediate with the Roland Garros ties, inspired by the most typical tennis clothing, but also by exclusive polo clubs. The solid color, made so more by the weave of the fabric rather than a specific color choice, is the great protagonist of a classic offering without excesses, allowing for originality alongside simplicity.

Movement, color and imagination for 50 Special, which gives space to floral designs and brighter tones; suggestions of freedom on the back of a two-wheeler, a symbol of Made in Italy style.  

From East to West

Direct your gaze to the Urals with Orient Express. The designs of this capsule are clearly of oriental inspiration, a small tribute to those markets –Japan above all – to which Ulturale is turning its attention. Gordon Gekko, iconic protagonist of Oliver Stone’s film Wall Street, gives this capsule all the designs and colors of that time, taking us on an immediate trip backwards in time. A perfect mix of technology and design, Lettera 32, the famous Olivetti typewriter, suggests a tie with floral motifs, but geometric, so as to hint at small gears. Through the notes of color and play on shapes, the entire history of a key representative of our country’s industrial excellence is revived here.

Between the past and the future

Lastly, two more personal offerings. Gutenberg, dedicated to the man who invented movable-type printing, and the first with the new Ulturale monogram. And what better occasion than Pitti Immagine to show it to the entire world? And what better occasion to celebrate the wedding of Vincenzo’s daughter then with an offering dedicated to the “big day”? Ventunogiugnoduemiladiciannove (29 June 2019) date of the happy event, and the the new ceremonial tie of Ulturale.

«For this new collection we worked more on designs and colors than on modelling, which we focused a lot on in the past – explains Vincenzo –. It’s a collection designed for a determined man, who knows how to combine strong and bright colors to create a unique and classy personality».