What style!


A trip through contemporary men’s fashion through the outfits of four famous people

Anticipating trends, creating new must-haves, laying down the law in the world of fashion with a unique personality, recognizable tastes, class: that which icons of style are able to do. We’ve had many of them throughout history, from Cary Grant to Steve McQueen. But today who are the male gurus of elegance?

Beckham, naturally cooll

Let’s start with David Beckham, once an international football star and now a style icon par excellence. Perhaps it’s thanks to his wife Victoria, a former singer with the Spice Girls, a designer and leading fashion personality, if he’s able to always be so impeccably cool?

In everyday life, Beckham turns to monochrome t-shirts, basic and with a V-neck, matched up with tight-fitting jeans, better if dark and with the used look. His rock and fake-shabby style has been crowned in a biker and leather jacket collection accompanied with boots of the same material. But the “bad boy” knows how to become a real gentleman if the situation requires, turning to refined tailored suits with a slim-fit cut or tuxedos, both black and white. If the bow tie is needed for the latter, with the former an original tie is a must. Among his favorite ties, those with a microprint and a Pratt knot.

Mix & match Timberlake

The mix & match style instead characterizes another contemporary icon, the singer and talented actor Justin Timberlake, always at the top of rankings of the best-dressed celebrities. In step with the latest trends, Timberlake is never afraid to experiment with looks that mix elegance and sportiness. Ties and jackets – he has declared – are his passion and he’s not afraid to combine them with casual trousers. How to forget, then, the mix of black tie, white shirt and beige trench coat worn like a real blazer? Elegant and original. And Justin knows how to make an outfit stand out thanks to his attention to detail, whether it’s a particular cut of the jacket collar, a colored belt or a vintage hat. There’s only to learn from him.

Ryan Gosling the whimsical

Equally attentive to accessories – all decidedly whimsical – is Ryan Gosling, one of the most appreciated actors of recent years, a star with a sulky face and unconventional charm. That he’s unconventional is also clear from his choice of clothing; no to the usual black tuxedo and yes to tailored suits, made-to-measure, mix-and-match or in eccentric hues like bottle green, electric blue and burgundy, all combined with a white shirt and, if a tie must be worn, with an original pattern and matching the suit color.

Who but an irreverent soul like him could come to the Cannes Film Festival with a blue silk shirt-pajama and bicolor shoes? In daily life, instead, Ryan would never give up his white close-fitting t-shirt with a rounded collar, to be combined with a hooded sweatshirt or a plaid shirt. Leather jackets and sunglasses complete the look of the protagonist of “La-la-land”, ready to conquer Los Angeles – the city in which he lives – in every circumstance.

“No Clooney, no party”

We conclude our look at fashion icons with the most classic of the classics: the timeless George Clooney. Few VIPs succeed in embodying the essence of elegance like he does. Clooney wears a tuxedo – a black silk bow tie, jacket with satin lapels, shirt with mother-of-pearl buttons and precious cufflinks – with such ease to make the outfit appear tremendously natural. And when he opts, even for special occasions, for a t-shirt and a leather jacket or blazer, nothing is lost in grace or taste. Perhaps the secret lies in his salt-and-pepper hair or in his uncultivated beard carried with nonchalance? In the end, as Oscar Wilde said, “in all unimportant matters, style, not sincerity, is the essential”.