The best ties for end-of-summer appointments


Who said the tie must be sacrificed during the warm season? It’s not so, style never goes on vacation. You just need to get your bearings, choosing the most suitable materials and colors among those on offer. Here are our “seasonal” tips, good both for formal and leisure occasions

Let’s start with a premise: style never goes on vacation. And while high temperatures (which, it seems, will accompany us for a number of weeks) and a certain tendency towards more informal outfits might discourage someone from wearing a tie during the summer, it is precisely in the warm season, more than in other periods of the year, that an irreproachable outfit can make the difference. Also because, for those who love elegance, September represents a tempting opportunity: in this period you can experiment with out-of-the-ordinary fabrics and colors.

So here’s some advice to help you choose, to use however as general indications rather than rigid rules. Indeed, style choices are increasingly personal: you start from some general principles and then interpret them according to your personal taste and the image of yourself you want to convey.

And fashions, more than marking a succession of musts valid for everyone, represent a common heritage accumulated in different periods, from which everyone can draw on as they wish.

The only common element – which goes beyond fashions and seasons – is the refinement of style and the quality of garments. It follows that the most attentive men, when they buy an accessory like a tie, do so with the idea of using it for a long time, convinced that this accessory completes them and represents a part of their personality.

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Fresh fabrics and colors

The heat opens the door to fresh and light fabrics. Make room for cotton for all garments, and for linen, with which its characteristic grain offers a variant with increased personality for both shirts and pants. Undoubtedly, this is the period of the year in which you can dare more with colors: it’s the right time to liven up your wardrobe with pastel hues like light blue, yellow, pink or green. Rather than for outfits and shirts, however, it’s advisable to turn to these colors for a fine tailored tie.  Definitely to be avoided, instead, both for clothes and for ties, are overly noisy fantasy patterns and fluorescent colors.

Solid color and fantasy patterns

Green, orange, gray and brown are some of the best colors for ties. Light pink is gentle, sober and refined, and can be used as long as your skin isn’t too tanned. Moving on to fantasy patterns, there’s room for geometric and floral jacquards that are perhaps inspired by the colors of paintings, along with  polka dots, stars, rectangles, micro- motifs on a solid background that convey elegance but also light-heartedness and the joy of living. And on a caramel-colored double-breasted jacket, why not dare with a fun fantasy pattern, with burgundy, apricot or chocolate motifs?

The big blue

But summer is also synonymous with the sea, with all the chromatic suggestions this entails.  it’s essential to have at least one blue tie in your drawer, perhaps of extremely thin silk to be matched up with a white shirt and single or double-breasted suit, in a solid color or striped. In addition to blue, all its lightest shades come into play, from light blue to  turquoise, and ties embellished with typically maritime motifs.

Never lose your balance

The increased freedom in colors and fantasy patterns makes it necessary to pay maximum attention to combinations, which must be harmonious and have balance as their sole objective. The advice is always the same: to use contrasts but never too strongly. Lastly, you need to keep in mind that, no matter what the season, the outfit must always fit the occasion. For a work meeting, for example, you should always opt for neutral or traditional shades.

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