A tie color for every occasion


Fashions change, but the tie is an accessory that never goes out of style, suitable for every circumstance: the important thing is to know how to make the right choice, starting from the color. Here are some tips to best pair it up with suits and shirts and avoid style mis-steps

Many people think the tie represents the final touch to an outfit, almost the male equivalent of a purse to women.  Wrong: the tie isn’t the pinnacle but the keystone. You must start from it to decide on the cut and color of the suit and shirt.

Naturally paying attention to a few, essential rules. The good news is precisely this: you don’t need a degree in nuclear physics to coordinate shirt, tie and suit; all that’s needed is a basic understanding of proportions. motifs and colors that can be used to create a wardrobe that is as “modular” as possible.  

Discover our “classic” colours

Color combinations: a few simple rules

For a discrete look it’s preferable to combine solid blue and green ties or those with a light pattern with clothing of a beautiful blue color.  If you’re instead trying to attract attention, you should opt for the clear contrast of a bold color on a light shirt. In television jargon, the red tie combined with a dark suit is known as a “Power Tie” and it works well for presenters as it captures the eyes of the viewer and directs them to the speaker’s face.  It’s no coincidence that red ties are the trademark of the President of the United States Donald Trump, one who knows something about power.

Avoid the “Matrix effect”

In the choice of tie, one’s complexion must also be considered: men with light hair and fair skin should stick to combinations of solid, pastel colors; men with dark hair and fair skin should instead choose colors with marked contrasts. Ties can be very bold, in contrast with the shirt and jacket. One solution to avoid complications could be the single-color suit.

Be careful, however, to avoid the “uniform” effect: with a total black look, for example, there’s the risk of looking like you just stepped out of a Matrix film or – worse – you’ll be mistaken for the clerk in a trendy coffee shop.

Daring, but with style

Combining different patterns and color combinations is much more difficult than staying in the safety zone of the solid color suit with a light shirt. It’s the extreme level of color combinations, that of the color gurus.
For this reason, it’s necessary to remember some key points.

Colors must be used with measure: irony and creativity are fine, but –unless you’re Jack Nicholson in the role of Joker – it’s best to avoid psychedelic hues. As in the case of the “Power Tie”, a bright colored tie with a small repeated pattern, combined with a dark suit, puts a spotlight on the wearer. When you combine a tie with a shirt or suit, be sure that the pattern isn’t already present on other garments you’re wearing. It’s better to combine a striped jacket with a solid color shirt or jacket. Never combine different patterns, or the effect obtained will bring to mind the spy Austin Powers in the eponymous series of comic films.

The tie that resembles us

Club ties, scarves and paisley weaves communicate flair and, if in concrete colors, from ash grey to green, they are perfect for dark, solid suits, in particular grey and navy blue. And as far as wool ties are concerned, they are usually in a solid color and available in a vast range of weaves, fabrics and styles.  It’s best to combine them with solid color jackets or those with thin stripes. Mixing colors and motifs is both an art and a science. Style tips can serve as a guide, but there are no unbreakable axioms. It’s all a matter of personal taste. That of the tie is one of many small daily choices: each of us experiments and creates our own style, which changes and grows with us, tie after tie.

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