16 December 2020

In the “Scaramantica” gift box, the Christmas gift conceived by the historic pasta producer, you can also find a tie and a scarf made for the occasion by our master craftsmen. A way to make Christmas a little bit nicer for many people

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7 February 2019

Bubbles in northwest Italy

In Piedmont to discover the Alta Langa DOCG, a one-of-a-kind vintage brut. It’s a perfect match with another of the area’s delicacies: the white truffle of Alba


12 June 2019

A dive into the history of male bathing suits

The samurai’s fundoshi, the boxers of the 007, the tank top of the Great Gatsby. How the beach look has changed over the last century


26 August 2020

A matter of folds

Having a seven fold tie in your hands means handling a masterpiece of style and sartorial wisdom, which can be created only by expert hands. Thicker and with more substance than traditional ties, it has a long and prestigious history. When should you wear it, and how?

27 May 2020

The bow tie: tell me which you wear and I’ll tell you who you are

It’s an accessory suitable for (almost) every occasion, but bow ties aren’t all the same. There’s a precise idea of style behind every look. Here’s a guide to choose the right one

14 April 2020

Silk ties: let’s take care of them

An accessory that’s so precious and delicate requires numerous precautions so that it can always be displayed at its best and last over time

27 March 2020

A scarf for every occasion

Elegant, colorful and versatile: the legendary handkerchief continues to be a precious accessory for expressing your style

22 January 2020

Suspenders never go out of style

Dating back to the French Revolution, this original accessory is experiencing one of its cyclical returns. Let’s look at its history, typology and uses

8 January 2020

All knots are not the same

Simple, double, Windsor, Onassis, St. Andrew: a quick guide to the most common ways to knot a tie

22 October 2019

The tie and button-down shirt: can they go together?

Can the classic accessory par excellence be combined with the shirt with the typically sporty collar? Let’s get the matter straight

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