4 September 2019

Bonjour, pochette!

10 September 2019

The Neapolitan company is a sponsor of American Magic, one of the boats that will take part in the 36th edition of the oldest sports competition in the world, slated to take place in New Zealand in 2021

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7 February 2019

Bubbles in northwest Italy

In Piedmont to discover the Alta Langa DOCG, a one-of-a-kind vintage brut. It’s a perfect match with another of the area’s delicacies: the white truffle of Alba


12 June 2019

A dive into the history of male bathing suits

The samurai’s fundoshi, the boxers of the 007, the tank top of the Great Gatsby. How the beach look has changed over the last century


20 September 2019

A tie color for every occasion

Fashions change, but the tie is an accessory that never goes out of style, suitable for every circumstance: the important thing is to know how to make the right choice, starting from the color. Here are some tips to best pair it up with suits and shirts and avoid style mis-steps

30 August 2019

The best ties for end-of-summer appointments

Who said the tie must be sacrificed during the warm season? It’s not so, style never goes on vacation. You just need to get your bearings, choosing the most suitable materials and colors among those on offer. Here are our “seasonal” tips, good both for formal and leisure occasions

5 April 2019

Ties, the magnificent five

Plain, regimental, fantasy, vintage and wool. Here are the essential ties for a man’s wardrobe

4 March 2019

What style!

A trip through contemporary men’s fashion through the outfits of four famous people

18 February 2019

Five always fashionable celebrities

How has the male look changed over the decades after World War II until today? We’ll find out by analyzing the style of some of the most fascinating men of all times.

2 January 2019

How should I dress?

It’s true, as Vincenzo Ulturale says, that there are no iron rules about how we should dress in certain situations. But to avoid mistakes, it’s a good idea to follow some advice

28 December 2018

The bow tie: yesterday and today, an indispensable accessory

Over the centuries, the bow tie has evolved until becoming the icon of style it is today, able to convey elegance along with a touch of irony.