The brand

From a small workshop to a brand recognized throughout the world: Ulturale is born out of the great Neapolitan tailoring tradition, and over the years is enriched by growing expertise and stylistic nuances that make it an example of true Italian excellence.

Brand history

The history of Ulturale is one that goes back a long way, to the years after the war. Naples is trying to recover after the deprivations of World War II, thanks also to the initiative of common but courageous men, artisans and small entrepreneurs who want to regain control of their future. Among these is Mario Ulturale, who already in 1948, set up a small tailoring workshop in a room in his house, where he produced semi-finished ties.

From his birth, in 1957, his son Vincenzo learns to “breathe” this world. Ties are in his destiny; his first toys are the fabrics and the tools of the workshop. It’s inevitable that, once grown, it’s up to him to carry on his father’s business, pushing it to take decisive steps towards the creation of a real company. It’s 1985 when Vincenzo Ulturale opens the first workshop where the finished, made-to-measure product is assembled, mainly for Neapolitan and Campania customers.

Over the years, thanks to its constantly growing sartorial expertise, Ulturale becomes a recognized protagonist in the sector. The company continues to make ties with a deeply classic taste, and at the same time perfects some small but important innovations, like the “superstitious” tie with lucky horns or the “00 Tiè” model. At the same time, the market also changes: in the 1990s and 2000s ties are no longer sold so much in the store but directly to companies and professionals, and Ulturale is at the forefront of this trend with its prestigious clients.

In the last few years, thanks also to the entry of a new partner, the Ulturale boutique in Naples has been supplemented by those in Rome and Milan. And the doors were opened for expansion abroad: Ulturale now sells its ties throughout the world, especially in Japan and Korea, and aims to develop its European and US business.
History continues, with one eye on tradition and the other on the future.