Ulturale presents the spring-summer 2019 collection

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The symbols, the myths, the values and the colors of Naples inspire ties for the warmest seasons of the year, renewing an haute couture tradition that has lasted over three decades

What is Neapolitan? A philosophy of life that has its roots in a thousand-year history. A mix of traditions, cultures, colors, smells, tastes, music, rites and superstitions that can hardly be summed up in a simple definition. To celebrate the colors of  the warmest seasons, Ulturale decided to put all that is Neapolitan in the new spring-summer 2019 collection, to be presented 8 March in Milan and 9 March in the flagship stores of Rome and Naples.  Myth and hospitality are the concepts through which the inimitable essence of the city where Ulturale was born is conveyed in this collection.

In this way the tradition of a brand that for over thirty years has been synonymous throughout the world with Italian excellence is renewed.

A question of identity

 In the new collection, among the 21 different colors, reigning supreme is a range of blue – the color of the sea – further extended compared to the past, but there’s also room for new summery proposals with brighter tones, neutrals and undergrowth colorings for combinations that reflect an international style. Among fabrics, twill stands out, a type of very light weave, mostly of paper-thin silk, with raised diagonal lines.

In addition, in the spring-summer 2019 collection, proudly appearing for the first time is a pattern created with the initial of the Ulturale logo, to celebrate the identity that since the 1980s has represented the group’s style. Space is also given to geometric jacquards, polka dots, stars, rectangles, micro-motifs that stand out against the hues of the classic Ulturale blue.

Ulturale PE/2019 - Parthenope
Ulturale – SS/2019 collection – Parthenope


To recount the aristocratic elegance of Naples, Ulturale “plays” with its imagination. Here making their appearance are motifs with a pure Neapolitan inspiration: playing cards (like the whimsical Ace of Sticks), Mount Vesuvius, good luck charms.

And here are also the references to classical antiquity and mythology, which echo throughout the gulf and touch the magic of Herculaneum and Pompeii, at the foot of the volcano: capitals, amphorae, tritons, up to the wonderful tribute to the mermaid Parthenope, who seduced and ate sailors and was known for her extraordinary beauty and voice. Ulysses had himself tied to the ship’s mast to escape the charms of her body, which gave life to the Gulf of Naples. With this tie, Ulturale intends to continue to bring its idea of style and elegance to the world, celebrating the Neapolitan myth, and in particular, one of the symbolic values of the city: hospitality which, in the land dear to emperors and great artists, becomes a timeless, sacred rite, like food and good wine.

Ulturale PE/2019 - Grand Hotel
Ulturale – SS/2019 collection – Grand Hotel

Grand Hotel, Modern Paintings

Hospitality, a value rooted in the Neapolitan way of life, is connected in a broad sense to the theme of holidays and tourist reception. And it’s also for this reason that, with Grand Hotel, Ulturale pays homage to the great luxury hotels, in a collaboration with the hotel Le Sirenuse hotel in Positano – synonymous with charm since 1951 – drawing inspiration from the most elegant and refined English interior design styles, which the tie making world has always looked towards with interest and admiration.

Ulturale’s ties also draw inspiration from the art world. The colors of the jacquards are influenced by the paintings of great modern artists – from Matisse to Hockney – combining tones that are still found in men’s clothing, such as amaranth and yellow, once again proposed here in a timeless collection.

Ulturale PE/2019 - Modern Paintings
Ulturale – SS/2019 collection – Modern Paintings